MA Print:



I created and assembled this 3D piece from cardboard then layered with sequin scales. The mouth is a painted plastic cup and the teeth I created from white resin. The watermelon is made from foam and plastic.

"47PranaFrute" was staged and photographed on raw pine (the tree rings remind me of water ripples) that have been hardened and bleached by the hot desert sun, a complimentary juxtaposition to the water-fish theme.

The name "47PranaFrute" comes from the sequence in which this print was created, the 47th print in the

series of "MA Prints". The name Prana encompassed the Indian meaning and the South American feisty fish, the Piranha. There is further whimsy that this carnivorous fish might be eating a slice of "watermelon" - watermelon being a theme that shows up regularly in MA art.

As is often the case with MA art, this print contains ironies and anomalies of perspective stimulating wonder and imagination.